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The Remote career lounge is a community work remote hub.

A resource community to working remotely and building in demand skills.

*not just for entrepreneurship but 6 figure corporate careers*

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You desire sustainability in your life but you don’t know how to start your remote job search or are looking to transition.

You either aren't confident to apply or you’ve applied and didn’t get a response leading to insecurity and discouragement

You’re an aspiring candidate seeking a remote position that fits your capability

You’re a single parent, military spouse, digital nomad, or anyone else 

This program is for you if

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  • COMING SOON 2023
  • A Community App (Web, IOS)
  • Resource Library
  • Access to the
    Remote Career Academy
  • Top Certificates
  • Job Information/Blogs
  • Get to know Remote Careers
  • Practice Projects
  • Goal setting and monthly challenges to keep you motivated all year long

The Remote Career Lounge

Here's The different ways you can join

The Associate Lounge

The VP Lounge

Interactive community

Career Leads from early start ups to fortune 500 companies

Certificates that will help you match your dream job

Skill Jumping Techniques

Resources and Surprise guest speakers

Here's what we are giving you to use in our Remote Career Lounge

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The actual membership is hosted on a platform that is web and currently IOS app friendly! We hope to add android soon.

06. Where is the actual membership?

Even though all digital nomads are remote workers, but not everyone, who works remotely subsists in a nomadic way of life. Working remotely, nevertheless, does not inevitably mean that a worker is open to travel. 

05. Do remote workers consider themselves digital nomads?

Remote work allows better freedom regarding working hours and location. It gives more flexibility to balance work and own undertakings.  We believe the way of the future.

04. What are the benefits of remote work?

There is an amazing amount of job information out there, so we have curated what we believe is the most useful for hub. We provide education, resources, guest speakers, and more

03. What are the benefits of joining the remote career lounge as a member?

We are not a staffing agency, we are a community led resource hub. We provide education, networking and more to help supercharge you to build and hold a sustainable remote career

02. There's so many other companies that match you with companies or how are you different?

 There are scores of employment resources out there, but they certainly are not all created one and the same… particularly when it comes to helping you build skills to stand out for a remote career

01. How is the remote career lounge a better way to find a job?

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If you're ready to build a successful Career that grows at an exponential rate, offers premium Salraries and that attract people like yOU!  We are ready too.